Wireless Broadband is now available in the Arizona Rim Country from Pointe Wireless.

Audio / Video Streaming and Internet gaming is now an available upgrade to those who are in range of the Payson Airport, Beaver Valley, Christopher Creek, Diamond Point, East Verde Estates, Gisela, Lookout Point, Star Valley, Summit, Tonto Basin (Mt Ord), Tonto Creek Shores & McLane Sites.

Pointe Wireless Broadband makes everything on the Internet faster. A lot faster. Banking. Bill Paying. E-mail. Education. Internet Browsing. Investments. Shopping. Research. Updates. And: 

  • Local 24 / 7 Service and Support.
  • No more contracts.
  • No more equipment purchases.
  • No more weather problems.
  • No more slow-motion connections.
  • No more interaction with unresponsive companies.
  • No more undisclosed fees.
  • No more higher fees for business users.
  • No more billing problems.
  • No more excuses.

Just blazing fast, reliable, totally secure Internet access and navigation.

Our customers know Pointe Wireless Broadband service is MUCH faster than the other wireless choices. Our customers know that our service performance is MUCH faster than DSL. Our customers also know that Pointe Wireless Broadband has not been problematic like the other wireless and non-wireless high-speed access choices are.

LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED, Pointe Wireless brings the latest wireless Internet technology to Rim Country homes and businesses in the following communities:

  • Beaver Valley
  • Bonita Creek
  • Chaparral Pines
  • Chistopher Creek
  • Diamond Point Shadows
  • East Verde Estates
  • Freedom Acres
  • Gisela
  • Hardscrabble Ranch (Powered by solar and wind.)
  • Mesa Del
  • Payson
  • Star Valley
  • The Rim Club
  • Tonto Basin
  • Tonto Creek Shores
  • Wonder Valley

To get started with Pointe Wireless, call (928) 474-9754.