Who is Pointe Wireless?

Pointe Wireless was orginally conceived in 2002.

After testing various brands of wireless Internet equipment, the Motorola Canopy 9000 equipment line was initially chosen. 30 times faster equipment is now in place. Pointe Wireless is proud to say we now have the fastest and most reliable service in all of Gila County.

The Pointe Wireless High Speed Internet system is fed by both Microwave and Fiber Optics for proven reliability and redundancy. The entire system's electricity is backed up by automatically starting propane powered electric generators and rechargeable battery systems.

Unlike other wireless companies, the Pointe Wireless system operates under an FCC Common Carrier license. Unlike other wireless companies, all Pointe Wireless workmanship is covered by an Arizona Contractors License, which is required by law.

CLICK HERE for a list of the people who are involved with the funding and or the control of Pointe Wireless.